Toby’s Obituary

Ode to Toby 600
Toby became part of my life in November of 2000.At four months, he looked for all the world like a pure white muff with a shiny black nose.He has been my wise and faithful companion ever since. This little poodle had a calm presence that other dogs sensed right away. He was my valued business partner, setting the tone for harmony among our doggie visitors. He shared his toys, treats and most of all, my attention, knowing he was “top dog” in my heart. Going for a walk with Toby was a social event. His handsome poodleness invited folks to stop for a visit, eventually noticing me at the end of the leash. I could take Toby anywhere!

Toby held his own council, as though he knew who he was and why he was here. I have made it up that his mission was to love me and help me to experience the well spring of love that is my essence. As one of my spiritual teachers he taught me how to jump for joy and anticipate something wonderful about to appear around the corner. He has also taught me how important it is to express compassion to those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. I now know better how to choose words of comfort.

Toby’s joyful spirit was diminished by diabetes and fading eyesight. In his heart, he knew it was time to move on over “the rainbow bridge”. In time there will be another little dog at my side, but there will never be another Toby and that’s ok. I am so very grateful to have had a wise, loving companion to accompany me on my journey for so many years.

Toby, you will continue to make me “smile with my heart!”

Ode to Toby (PDF)

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