Boarding reviews from parents of Doggie Guests

Among the many unique and very special things that make Santa Fe such a marvelous place to live is the service provided by Susan Latham in caring for small dogs when their owners (parents and human family) need to travel.

Susan, with the help of Toby, her own very mild mannered French Poodle, is a truly gifted individual in the way she works with small dogs.  My wife and I have used her gracious service for our sweet Pomeranian on many occasions.  We can travel without concern, knowing that she “Chica”  is receiving the same quality of love and care that she gets at home with us.  When we return we always find a healthy happy little girl dog, who has clearly enjoyed her time with her doggy friends, and is delighted to come home again with us.  Susan and Toby’s home is a very happy, tranquil, safe, and special place. ~ Jeffery 


My two Hvanese darlings , Bodie and Bella,can’t wait to get out of the car when we approach Sue and Toby’s house. I never worry about them while they are in Susan care. They often come for day visits while I am at work. They come home in fine  spirits for a long nap! She always takes them to the Doggie Park which is a real treat.” – Karen Kelly
Charlie is dear to our hearts being our first baby! Honestly, he absolutely loves going to stay with Sue and Toby! As soon as he knows we are headed for their house he goes bananas ,jumping around the car and whimpering and then makes a beeline to the front door! He seems to be in excellent spirits when he returns home. We are grateful!   –Bill Feinberg
It is me again, Charlie. Sometimes there are pretty girls at Toby’s house to play with. Toby is so kool! He is my friend.
These are my “girls”.  Susan’s home is their “home away from home”. We can travel without worrying about their well being. We trust they will be lovingly cared for and have a good time!  —  Steve Fasken