Private Home Boarding

I had never heard of “Private Home Boarding” when Donna and Gary told me about Bill’s Dog Sitting Service, where they had recently boarded their two Westies.. That was back in Newburyport, Massachusetts, when Toby, my poodle, was only 5 years old. Bill’s place was a picture perfect little white Cape with green shutters .

I was ushered into a very tidy home with  a formal living room & dining room and on the left an expandable gate cordoning off a very large sunny room with, an impressive TV showing “Animal Planet and 4 large couches full of lounging dogs! On the right the was a door leading to a ruff looking area for the big guys and on the left a french door leading to a formal garden with  grass and flowers for little guys like my Toby. No cages in sight. Even though it took Toby a little while to gain confidence he was soon running with the pack. That was it! Never again was he caged behind chain link!

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