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Toby’s Obituary

Toby became part of my life in November of 2000.At four months, he looked for all the world like a pure white muff with a shiny black nose.He has been my wise and faithful companion ever since. This little poodle had a calm presence that other dogs sensed right away. He was my valued business […]

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Santa Fe, “The Bark’in Ball” !

Every year here in Santa Fe, “The Bark’in Ball” is a major fund raiser for our beautiful Animal Rescue Center. Santa Fe is such a major DOG TOWN, this year it was held in the main ballroom of the brand new elegant convention center. I couldn’t believe it! Of course,there was a special place in […]

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Private home boarding is not easy to find…

Private home boarding, however was not, is not easy to find. It is rarely listed on the internet with kennels in a given area. I usually found them through word of mouth recommendations. Once when we were going to Nantucket we found a situation very near the ferry in a home with several small dogs […]

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Private Home Boarding

I had never heard of “Private Home Boarding” when Donna and Gary told me about Bill’s Dog Sitting Service, where they had recently boarded their two Westies.. That was back in Newburyport, Massachusetts, when Toby, my poodle, was only 5 years old. Bill’s place was a picture perfect little white Cape with green shutters . […]

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Bunny and Pecos !

Bunny and Pecos came to us almost three weeks ago while their human is in the Caribbean. Pecos is the male but his owner says he is much more sensitive than Bunny, the female. When she placed him in a kennel he did not fare well at all!  He returned home with considerable weight loss […]

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